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Boris Revsin
Partner / Founder Game Theory Group

Boris is a partner at crypto-asset fund Game Theory Group. He has been a tech entrepreneur & investor since he dropped out of college to start gaming company @takeaDailybreak, which was acquired in 2015.


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julian jung
Partner / Founder Game Theory Group

Partner at Game Theory Group. Editor, The Blockchain Brief. Founder of @tablelist. Investor in @drizlyinc. Investor in @aldenharlow.


Senior Writer


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Alexandra P. | CryptoCandor

Alex is a full time registered dietitian turned crypto content creator. She came across crypto in early 2017 & since then she has immersed herself in the space.
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K-Dub | The Crypto Zombie

The founder & reporter at “Crypto Zombie,” a channel focused on crypto news, educational series, fundamental analysis, project interviews, & (of course) the occasional meme!
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Monthly Contributors

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Danny Y. | Crypto99

Danny has a finance background & a Masters in Business. His main goal is to educate as many people as possible about all things crypto, & to help others become better enthusiasts & investors.
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Jesse K.

Jesse is a fellow blockchain advocate and content creator specializing in project evaluation.

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Forrest C. | Hashoshi

Forrest is a full-time blockchain & cryptocurrency software developer & consultant. He also created educational content to help his audience build their knowledge.
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Kevin T. | Bitcoin for Beginners

Kevin is a techie based in Silicon Valley with a background in engineering. He loves creating content that helps beginner investors learn about the tech & the finance sides of cryptocurrency.
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Alex S. | Nugget’s News

Alex runs Nugget News, Australia’s most watched crypto channel. For more snippets and to follow Alex farther down follow him on social media.
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Nathan Y. | Captain Crypto

Nathan believes that crypto is king, and the movement towards decentralization is the key to technological progress.

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Michael L. | Crypto basic podcast

Mike is the co-host of the CryptoBasic Podcast & had a background in professional poker before learning & exploring the world of crypto. He is the father of an 8 year old girl & enjoys Daily Fantasy Sports, Golf, and mobile/PC gaming.
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Joe T. | The Bitcoin Doctor

Joe has been a Software Engineer for 30 years. He has written games for the Apple, Atari, the TRS 80 from Radio Shack and the TI 994a Home Computer. Now, he finds the world of Masternodes & Cryptocurrency, endlessly fascinating. His personal business is committed to Masternodes Full-Time and committed to growing the business.
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Roberto Carreño

Mexican visual designer, eternal creative, geek, gamer and nerd. Crypto Neophyte looking to learn and contribute in any way I can.