Republic Crypto: Democratizing Access To Blockchain Companies

June 11, 2018

by Editorial Team

We're so excited to share the vision of Republic Crypto with you.

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[Update: Republic's private token sale already has some rockstars backing the project. CoinDesk reports that Binance and NEO Global Counsel have kicked off the sale with $12 million dollars. The discussion is going live on Telegram.]

I first heard about Republic Crypto from my co-founder Julian, who called me excitedly a couple of months ago to discuss the company. I hadn't heard about Regulation CF in much detail; I was far more familiar with Reg A and Reg D, both SEC exemptions commonly used by blockchain companies in the United States. The common knowledge among the crypto community was that you have two choices: invest in a SAFT as an accredited investor ($1M in assets, $200K+ income two years in a row) or stay alert for early access to projects on secondary markets and exchanges. Before they go to the moon, and you're left holding the bag. Both choices offer a sub-optimal experience for both the issuer of the tokens and the recipient -- for legal reasons, for marketing reasons and for the simple fact that we're not all millionaires.

And yet, we want to support the blockchain ecosystem, and share in the rising tide of decentralization.

Enter Republic Crypto.

By leveraging Reg CF (and other securities exemptions), Republic Crypto has built a democratized marketplace that gives crypto investors and enthusiasts the ability to purchase tokens in hot blockchain projects. You don't need to be an accredited investor, you just need to make an account, input some information, and start investing in projects the Republic Crypto team and community have decided need to see the light of day.

Yeah, apparently a lot of people thought that's pretty cool. 

Coinvest Reached The Max Almost Immediately

So did we.

Julian and I have joined the advisory team to help spread the mission, engage the community and gain adoption for this much needed product. We're fortunate to be joining a group of rockstars, some of whom (including Kendrick Nguyen, the CEO) come straight from San Francisco darlings AngelList and CoinList (both companies are also partnered with Republic).

We've decided to centralize our conversations with the community on Telegram and Reddit, with a focus on engaging potential investors on projects they like and those they wish had more distribution before they go live. This is critical to the success of the projects Republic Crypto evaluates and lists. It's also important to parse feedback from the community, so the projects we're providing access to are some of the best possible.

There's a lot of good within the crypto community and the blockchain ecosystem. But the promised equality and democratization of the internet has not yet come to pass. We believe Republic Crypto is one of the good guys. 


P.S: Access Network is newly live on Republic Crypto and accepting investment. Social impact in blockchain is critical for the brand, for the future of the technology in emerging countries. Help to decentralize banking. and check it out.