The Blockchain Brief July 11th 2018

July 10, 2018

by Editorial Team

So. many. projects. And a lot of funding to go along with it. We've been heads down looking at some of the most interesting, legitimate projects in the space. This week we bring you the video review of DxChain and the technical review of Picolo. The top stories of the week include the (iffy) launch of Augur, FCoin seeming a bit sketchy, and BitGo bringing custody forward significantly. Read on...

News Stories

Augur Launches! - After Jack from Augur sent his token into a moonshot after tweeting the release date (July 9th) earlier this year, Augur has finally launched Considered one of the most intricate pieces of code written in Solidity, this ERC20 token has been one of the most hyped released in altcoin world in awhile. But it seems to be off to a tough start. Please read thread of the week below for more on this.

FCoin Exchange Allegedly Wash Trading – Fcoin reimburses their fees to its traders through their own cryptocurrency FCoin. This has led some to believe that people have been wash trading through FCoin to move market prices.

Bitgo Adds 57 ERC tokens to their Custody Program – BitGo was one of the first providers of custody in the blockchain space. Custody in blockchain has become a problem because locking all doors except for one protected one is tough to do in software. Also when handling private keys, any lost keys would directly result in the company being forced to reimburse lost funds.


Erick Interviews Co-Founder of DxChain, Wei Wang - DxChain hopes to decentralize big-data, making it accessible and ready for machine-learning. Erick breaks down the building blocks of this trending blockchain company in The Blockchain Brief.

Twitter Thread of The Week

Brendan Bernstein - An overview of Augur's shaky launch.

Podcast of the Week

Unchained Podcast with a16z's Chris Dixon – Chris Dixon will be heading Andreessen Horrowitz’s new 300m crypto fund, and he sits down with Laura Shin to discuss.

Token Reviews by Game Theory Group

Picolo Network - Erick breaks down the Picolo network whitepaper. Picolo network is a peer to peer network that utilizes unused computing power for storage uses. By integrating SQL, Picolo helps dApps query their databases.

The Blockchain Brief In-House Articles

Vertical Growth - Dhruv speaks to how bitcoin will devour altcoins by growing in layers.