The Blockchain Brief July 5th 2018

July 04, 2018

by Editorial Team

Good morning from Cape Cod. The world has been on fire this week, and not just from the brutal New England humidity. Binance got hacked, Facebook might buy Coinbase and I interviewed a blockchain company building a Fan Controlled Football League. What a world we live in. Diving right in...

News Stories

Binance hacked as 11 SysCoins sell for 96 BTC on the exchange - Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao responded immediately, locking down the exchange and going into unplanned maintenance. When CZ emerged, he announced the launch of an insurance fund to protect against future hacks.

Facebook rumored to launch own token and acquire Coinbase – Although these rumors sound appetizing, Game Theory and the Blockchain editors highly doubt an acquisition. Coinbase is a money making machine that has created billionaires and the company has no incentive to sell, especially if they see crypto proliferation in the near future.

Qiwi Launches a Crypto Investment Fund – Amidst the soccer world cup, the largest e-commerce payment company in Russia decides to launch a Crypto investment side to their company. They plan on providing trading services, researching the space, and offering consulting/advisory services.


Boris Interviews CEO of Fan Controlled Football League - The FCFL is a major effort to bring fans and audiences into the experience of owning and managing a football team. Listen to the CEO bring this vision to life by leveraging the blockchain.

Boris Interviews Cryptocurrency Analyst Murad Mahmudov - The discussion ranges from economic theory to the history of money. We discuss how Bitcoin might eventually be the winner in a "winner take all" scenario, leaving all but a handful of other cryptocurrencies at near-zero values. A must watch!

Twitter Thread of The Week

Murad Mahmudov – How bitcoin will usher in the new era.

Podcast of the Week

Marty Bent’s “Tales from the Crypt” with Saifedean Ammous – Saifedean has written one of the most intriguing books in the space called The Bitcoin Standard. An absolute must read if you are doing anything even closely related to crypto. Although it is bitcoin heavy, he displays the history of money and how we arrived to where we are today.