The Blockchain Brief Tuesday June 12th 2018

June 16, 2018

by Editorial Team

Hope everyone had a great weekend! This week we have some exciting news about our newest partnership with Republic. The company announced their round was being led by Binance Labs and Neo Global Counsel. On top of that, we have a break down of NKN (New Kind of Network) which will be a pillar of the blockchain internet infrastructure. Lastly, we did a round up of top news stories and other material we have recently read, and found interesting. Enjoy!

Oh and... *drum roll*... we recently launched a brand new website for The Blockchain Brief. 

We've Joined The Republic (Crypto)
Boris Revsin

I first heard about Republic Crypto from my co-founder Julian, who called me excitedly a couple of months ago to discuss the company. I hadn't heard about Regulation CF in much detail; I was far more familiar with Reg A and Reg D, both SEC exemptions commonly used by blockchain companies in the United States.

The common knowledge among the crypto community was that you have two choices: invest in a SAFT as an accredited investor ($1M in assets, $300K+ income two years in a row) or stay alert for early access to projects on secondary markets and exchanges. Before they go to the moon, and you're left holding the bag. Both choices offer a sub-optimal experience for both the issuer of the tokens and the recipient -- for legal reasons, for marketing reasons and for the simple fact that we're not all millionaires. Join the Republic Crypto Telegram (today) and Read More On Our New Site

Top News Stories

Cryptokitties has seen a large decline in usage: A ~98% percent decline from its high to be exact. I am a still a huge fan of my kitties & NFT's in general. I believe they are necessary to introduce basic blockchain use-cases to the masses. Products such as registry of digital assets, smart contracts, gas fees and more.

Regardless, Twitter had some funny reactions. Here are some of my favorites.

- It's just a consolidation period. Another 1.5% down, then we go up, baby! @arminvanbitcoin

- In b4 kitties get pumped again, b4 dead kitty bounce.@brianlockhart

- Do you think we've found the bottom?????? @bluemooon

***Anyone seen any great NFT projects? Send them our way!***

Binance Malta to offer fiat to crypto trading - Just to clarify, Binance Malta is separate from, though came from the same team. Binance will remain a crypto to crypto exchange. Binance Malta, however, will allow direct Euro to BTC trading to start. Another step towards Binance global world domination.

You know why the market has been going down? - More sellers than buyers. Simple. Mainstream media, of course, was blaming it on the hack of Coinrail. A tiny Korean exchange with less than $3M daily volume. Want to read some overinflated doomsday headlines about the hack and get a good laugh? Bloomberg here. WSJ here. Buy the FUD...

Huobi is making some big moves - Huobi is the top 3 crypto exchange in the world. Last week they reported that they were creating a US exchange called HBUS and Huobi the parent has plans to decentralize. On the decentralized part, still not clear how much they are going to decentralize, or if it will be a hybrid model. Liquidity is always a question when it comes to dex's...

Project Review

New Kind Of Network Project Review By MIT Bitcoin Club President + Game Theory Group Venture Partner Erick Pinos - NKN is a network connectivity protocol and ecosystem for an open, decentralized and shared internet. Their project is billed to become one of the pillars of blockchain internet infrastructure.

Other Pieces That We Find Interesting

Overview Of The Distributed Computing Landscape - Dani Grant from USV puts together a great quick read on the four different ways blockchain projects are approaching shared/distributed computing. As usual, an eye-opening read on an important and timely topic.

A comprehensive history of smart contract hacks, and the decentralized security protocols looking to stop them - This is a long read. 20 mins or so by our friends over at Bytesize capital in Australia. 100% worth the read if you can find the time. 

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