The Blockchain Brief Tuesday June 26th 2018

June 25, 2018

by Editorial Team

Another crazy week in crypto world. As more and more smart people pour into blockchain related jobs, the market continues to be volatile -- but mostly on the way down. That said, many smart folks are publicly (Twitter) re-entering their positions, while many others are starting to say "I told you so." We'd love to hear where you stand. Read below for the top stories of the week, and an awesome Erick Pinos interview with the CEO of Blockcloud.

And a hat-tip to Flipside Crypto's Dave Balter for some more awesome content - in the form of a 30-page guide to concepts in crypto.

News Stories

a16z Launches a Crypto Fund led by ex-Fed prosecutor Katie Haun - a16z willl be allocating Katie and their new crypto fund $300 million. Katie is a well established figure in the Cryptosphere. She is currently on the Coinbase board and teaches about crypto at Stanford.

Bitmain's stranglehold on bitcoin mining only gets stronger - Concerns over Bitmain's dominance over the mining industry has always been a concern of the bitcoin critics. Numbers show, Bitmain now owns approximately 42% of the bitcoin hashrate.

Goldman Sach's backed Circle (trading platform) sees volume increase - Although the overall crypto market hit a heavy bearish cycle, Circle states that they had a 30% increase in institutional investor sign ups. They also increased their trading volume by 15x. 


Erick Pinos Interviews Blockcloud - Blockcloud aims to solve the current problems with IoT by developing an advanced TCP/IP architecture based on a new consensus mechanism (Proof of Service) for verification of services and efficient ledge the structure (CoDAG) for fast transaction writing.

Twitter Thread of The Week

Tom Garrambone -  On why fundamental investing does not work in crypto.

Other Pieces That We Find Interesting

Flipside Releases a 30-page Wealth Advisory for everything Crytpo - The guide ranges from simple concepts of how to secure funds to how to advise properly when it comes to adding cryptocurrencies to a portfolio. A well organized guide for anyone who is new to the space. Best of all, it's free!