The Blockchain Brief Thursday June 21st 2018

June 20, 2018

by Editorial Team

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the late issue. Our team has been running around San Francisco for the past week meeting with some incredible projects that we can't wait to share with you in the near future. With that being said, let's get into this weeks brief! One change is that we are going to start publishing our internal written reports -- and this week we have Blockcloud. Next week, we'll be doing an interview with their CEO ZhongMing. This week we have an interview with Partner Craig Burel at Rec VC, and an interview with Alex Wearn the CEO of top hybrid exchange IDEX (Aurora). 

News Stories

Ether Is Not A Security - "The SEC's point man on cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) says that bitcoin and ether are not securities but that many, but not all, ICOs are securities and will come under the regulatory control of the SEC and relevant securities laws." Read More Here:

Coinbase Lists Ethereum Classic - This probably came as a surprise to a lot of people. If you're interested in learning more about this decision, we suggest you check out the AMA done on TokenDaily with Anthony Lusardi on the Coinbase listing of ETC

Quantstamp Taking Ether And USD and not just QSP - "Quantstamp token holders have been alleging that the company misled them by accepting U.S. dollars and ether, rather than its token, QSP, as payment for its auditing services." More Here.

Project Reviews

Blockcloud - Current IoT networks are facing great challenges by uneven connectivity, poor scalability, absent trust, cracked security and broken business due to limitations of current TCP/IP architecture. Blockcloud, with a stellar team and investor list, aims to solve this problem. Dig in here.


Craig from Reciprocal VC Interview - Boris sat down with Partner Craig Burel to discuss "crypto pragmatism", the blockchain ecosystem, and how to think long-term in this volatile market.

Alex from IDEX Interview - Boris also sat down with Alex Wearn, the CEO of Aurora, the maker of popular hybrid exchange IDEX. He discusses how IDEX makes listing decisions, future product plans, differences from other decentralized exchanges and much more.

Other Pieces That We Find Interesting

Why ASICs May Be Better Than GPUs Even if They Tend Toward Mining Centralization - David Vorick, CEO of Nebulous, which operates Siacoin and a new subsidiary, Obelisk, describes what he's discovered in his exploration of the mining industry. This includes why he's decided that specialized chips like ASICs are preferable to generalized chips like GPUs, even if they tend to bring out mining centralization. An awesome interview.