The Blockchain Brief


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The cryptocurrency space has unfortunately been overrun with misinformation, and often people leading with only their success as their main goal. We at the Blockchain Brief are focused on bringing the community fair, and, well researched information to help inform those to make their own decisions with confidence. The writers and collaborators of the Blockchain Brief are well known personalities in the crypto space who pride themselves on helping to educate their viewers and now are excited to bring a second source of invaluable content with this newsletter.



We chose to create this newsletter to help push out dishonest, and incorrect information that floods the cryptocurrency culture. This space is young and growing quickly, which is amazing but also lends itself to newcomers who can easily be swayed in the wrong direction. We wanted to make sure that there was a resource out there, unlike the normal video content, for the fresh people in the space to rely on.



Throughout the newsletter readers may expect to see exclusive content such as editorials from top YouTubers, interviews with founders/CEO’s of projects, detailed breakdowns of up and coming technology as well as informative research articles to help you, our readers, make the most informed decisions possible. We at the Blockchain Brief that education breeds adoption, and the success of crypto in hinging on it’s need for mass acceptance. We hope our newsletter can bring the space one step closer to that goal.